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BenGong's Tea | 本宫的茶
BenGong's Tea | 本宫的茶
About BenGong's Tea | 本宫的茶 品牌介绍

BenGong's Tea 本宫的茶




Ben Gong‘s Tea (In Chinese it means Her Majesty’s Tea ), was founded in 2015, Based on Chinese cultural heritage and ingenuity tea art, Integrates traditional culture into contemporary life, and creates authentic Chinese-style tea.


Ben Gong selects the Dragon, Phoenix, and unicorn patterns with auspicious meanings and the traditional embroidery pattern of the royal court also combines the current trending elements that are most popular with young people to create a space for a completely refreshing tea experience.


With the product of “every sip is original tea”, we develop organic healthy teas with zero additives and an interesting look. In the form of re-innovated new teas, Chinese tea will renew its vitality letting each consumer know more about China’s traditional culture and artistic attainment while experiencing our products.

BenGong's Tea | 本宫的茶 每一口都是原茶
BenGong Tea - 本宫的茶

The Freshness You Can Taste

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